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Moderna has a COVID-19 (mRNA-1273) vaccine safe and very effectiveThe Mexican government announced that it would use this biologic as a booster dose for all educational personnel in the country, said Dr Mauricio Rodríguez lvarez, spokesperson for Emergency Attention of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

The expert said that the vaccine of the American company is very similar to the vaccine developed by Pfizer. That a single dose is sufficient to achieve the booster target.

“It is not necessary to put together a complete scheme of two doses, the objective is achieved with a single vaccination,” he said.

in interview for financial, Academics also pointed out that Combination of Moderna’s Vaccine with Cansino’s Organic, which was used to vaccinate the country’s teachers in 2021, is safe.

,The combination of vaccines has been shown to be safe. Adverse effects or persistent reactions are the same for all vaccines. People who receive Moderna Vaccine after receiving CanSino are likely to experience only discomfort at the site where the vaccine was given, general malaise, headache, mild fever that is easily controlled with paracetamol, the next two Or there is fatigue in three days,” he said.

Similarly, he noted that applying a booster dose increases the effectiveness of the vaccines. Delta and Omicron variants,

“With booster doses, a sufficient level of protection is maintained to avoid serious illness and death,” he said.

How effective is the combination with CanSino in Moderna?

Regarding combining the two biologics, the UNAM expert noted that despite not knowing much about CanSino, there is a lot of data about mixing other vaccines, some of them similar to formulas used by the Chinese pharmaceutical company. are identical.

“There aren’t many CanSino studies for a number of reasons, but we have a lot of information about the Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Sputnik vaccines, which are practically the same vaccines as CanSino, especially one Johnson & Johnson says it has a single-dose vaccine and an adenoviral vector that are the same strategy CanSino uses“, He said.

Generally speaking, all combinations are safe and sound, he said.

“They’re going to strengthen the immune system so that it has more fresh ingredients to fight the virus.” and clarified that although We may not use information on other vaccines in the same way as CanSinoYes, they can guide us.

He said that whatever vaccine would be administered, it would serve the purpose of reducing Risk of serious illness and death. “Vaccines do not prevent infection, they do not prevent mild disease, we avoid the usual measures such as ventilation, use of masks, etc.”

Is micron less lethal?

To Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez, That the Omicron version is less lethal doesn’t mean the problem is less.

“We couldn’t have so many deaths or hospitalizations, but having so many cases at the same time gives us other kinds of damage.”

The academic stresses that one of the biggest risks of large-scale omicron infection is the generation of new forms.

,The more cases there are, the greater the risk that new variants will arise., Also, if they have multiple cases, you’re going to have exponentially more deaths and hospitalizations and you’ll have one. Indirect damage to economic and social activities due to absenteeism“Like what is happening with the USA and Europe, where there are no pilots who fly planes, there are no fully functioning services, you will have fewer police officers, teachers, taxi drivers, messengers etc”, He concluded.