Va Por Mexico’s representative asks to go against the decree

Mexico City.- With representations of 200 deputies, the PAN, PRI and PRD blocs asked the President of the Chamber of Deputies to present a constitutional dispute against the Presidential Agreement declaring federal public acts of public interest and national security before the Supreme Court. Is.

The so-called “decree” was published on November 22, 2021 and the date for the introduction of the constitutional dispute trial expires on January 19.

Through the Political Coordination Board, the coordinators of the Va Por México Coalition requested Morenoist Sergio Gutierrez Luna.

Legislators say that by declaring the execution of projects and works by the Mexican government involving infrastructure as public interest and national security, it violates the constitution and makes exceptions to the law.

The decree directs the Federal Public Administration’s dependencies and entities in charge of the government to grant authorizations, permits or provisional licenses, in a “fast-track” manner, within a maximum of five business days to undertake projects.

These documents will be valid for 12 months, during which time certain authorizations must be obtained.

Due to the nature of the agreement of the President, the PAN Coordinator, Jorge Romero Herrera; PRI, Ruben Moreira Valdez; And Luis Espinosa Chazzaro, PRD, emphasized that what is appropriate is a dispute rather than an action figure of unconstitutionality.

“The Coordinator considers this Agreement to be unconstitutional, because it lacks valid grounds and motivation, violates the provisions of Articles 3 and 4 of the National Security Act, and establishes an exception rule for everything prescribed by the Federal Government.” .

“Provisional authorizations will lack certainty in their content and may be illegal,” he argues in the brief presented to Gutierrez Luna.

They consider that compliance with the requirements established by law to obtain the necessary licenses, permits or concessions for these projects are exempted by decree, and are classified “by simple presidency” as priority and national security. has gone.

They also explain that the “decree” violates the legal provision that authorizations to be processed will be granted only if there is sufficient information to determine their origin.

This means, he warned, that there will be no environmental or social impact assessment of the projects.

With provisional authorizations, a figure not provided for in the law is created, he warned.

“By categorizing those as public interest and national security, these projects may be classified and the information related to them will not be of a public nature, and consequently encourage ambiguity,” the coordinator explains in his letter.

They state that this agreement specifically violates the powers conferred on the legislative power, the political constitution of the United Mexican States, as well as federal and general laws by directing the performance of functions without subordination or subordination to itself. . was voted on and approved by the said legislative power.

This violates the principle of the division of powers established in the Magna Carta, he alleged in the petition to Gutierrez Luna.

They mention that each of these points has also been expressed and supported by various experts in legal matters and professional associations in law, stating that there are elements to the submission of the claim.

Sergio Gutierrez Luna accused of presenting a dispute against the IEE and criminal prosecutions against electoral advisers, after requesting the opposition Chamber of Deputies to present a constitutional dispute, not acting institutionally and without taking into account other political forces has been applied. Organization of mandate and repeal of budget constraints.

In the Senate, the opposition made the same request to Olga Sánchez Cordero.

The president of the Chamber of Senators declined to promote the trial, arguing that it was unacceptable and there was no grudge against the Senate, for which he was strongly criticized.