Vitasilina and Vic VapoRub for Alcosar & Gatel – Tech Viral Tips

While one scoffs at the pain inflicting the world with COVID-19, the other waits in the lab for test results; Both are directly responsible for the failed strategy to combat the disease that has killed more than 600,000 Mexicans.

Jorge Alcosar, health secretary, and deputy Hugo López Gatel, both preferred to put the president on the table rather than promote scientifically based measures to reduce the impact of the pandemic and thereby prevent so many people from dying from the virus. is stopped. ,

At the peak of the epidemic, many patients died on the streets or even in vehicles that took them to hospitals that could not receive them, and if that were the case, the outcome would have been the same, especially if that hospital had been IMSS, ISSSTE. Or have been from Ssa.

The care provided by the public health sector was inadequate and inhumane and if it were not for its employees, many of whom had lost their lives in this unequal battle, the situation would be worse than hell.

The country’s drug shortage, despite the president’s false promises that it would be fixed soon and if not, the name would be changed; It is criminal above all because there will be uncertainty about where to get some drugs this year, especially those used to treat cancer patients.

The social irritation adds to the tone now that the Omicron variant is dangerously contagious and requires rapid detection tests, so it would be nice if both doctors could use vitacillin or vitacillin to reduce the buzzing of the ears. Get an extra dose of VicvapoRub. and other parts.

Instead of vaccinating children and adolescents to combat the virus that has caused the most deaths in the world since World War II, the medical community has criticized Alcosar’s unprofessional stance in recommending a little ointment and drinking some tea. But disappointed.

Similarly, Mexico’s associations, associations and medical colleges consider Alcosar’s statements inappropriate with regard to the fact that, citing Guerrero as a specific case, health workers are responsible for the shortage of drugs and supplies, and With this claim he generalized to put it. Blame them for what is happening across the country.

The doctors and medical personnel who have taken care of all the patients who need it, not only during the pandemic, do not demand public recognition, but they demand respect and above all to avoid baseless accusations , especially if they come from the holder of the Ministry of Health.

What kind of crisis is being faced in the health sector? And, do you know anything, dear reader? This is mainly due to the mistakes of López Obrador, who, in order to obtain resources from all sides, canceled all engineering to procure medicines, which the government had to supply hospital infrastructure. and clinics across the national territory.

He then ‘killed’ the popular Seguro to make way for Insabi, which to date has not been able to handle the package, leaving more than 15 million Mexicans out of state-provided medical care.

Of course, the appointment of two useless people further aggravated the situation.

Mexican laboratories are in the best position to regularize the supply of drugs, as indicated by the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (AMELAF), which needs to coordinate with federal health agencies for the supply of keys to declared drugs. are in position. was left out in the latest tender and thus the shortfall was rectified.

At a time when the situation is about to get worse due to the rapid infection caused by the Omicron variant that in just one day infected more than a million Americans and thanks to Gatel in Mexico, there are only 26 thousand, Alcocer -Gatell’s pair of ‘scientists’ scoff at events that ultimately cost lives.