Wash all dirty linens at Downing Street parties at once, Tory MP urges Johnson


A former Tory minister has urged Orris Johnson to ensure that “all dirty linens” are “washed at once” in connection with allegations from Downing Street parties.

The prime minister also faced calls to resign after being elected against answering Labor’s immediate Commons question about a gathering in Downing Street Garden on 20 May 2020, while his whereabouts were investigated.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Ellis was sent out to answer and was continually harassed by opposition lawmakers, who outnumbered those on the Conservative bench and asked most of the questions during the session.

Labor deputy leader Angela Renner said Mr Johnson ‘can run but he cannot hide’ when the prime minister himself chose not to answer the immediate question (House of Commons/PA) , PA Wire

Mr Ellis confirmed that the May 20 “bring your own wine” incident, which invited more than 100 employees according to a leaked email, is being investigated.

But he said publication of the findings of the Whitehall Party investigation, led by senior official Sue Grey, could be delayed because of a growing number of allegations to be considered.

Sir Christopher Chope, a former conservative minister, asked: “Why can’t all the dirty linens be washed at once? Why are we getting this drip, drip feed of parties?

“Surely the civil service should have known that there was a party on May 20 and they should have already sent it for investigation?”

Mr Ellis said: “We have a number of dates that have come out at different times and, possibly, delays in matters will have an effect.”

Before, “Where is he?” With regard to Mr Johnson’s slogan, Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle said: “It is quite clear that this is not the Prime Minister so we do not need to ask that question.”

And he said of Mr. Ellis: “However hard work he’s got, don’t make it hard for him.”

Maria Eagle said it would be ‘fast’ to investigate ‘the days when there were no parties’ by Sue Grey (House of Commons/PA) , PA Wire

Labor deputy leader Angela Renner said Mr Johnson’s absence “speaks volumes”.

“It is incredibly disappointing, but not surprising that the prime minister to whom I asked this question is not here today with no official program,” he said.