Watchdog probing Loyalist killings finds evidence of ‘collusion’ police acts


Police watchdogs investigating a series of Loyalty killings during the Troubles have found evidence of collusion between some officers, but said the Royal Ulster Constabulary had no prior knowledge of the attacks.

The Police Ombudsman’s report raised “significant concerns” about the RUC’s handling of the 19 murders and several murders committed by the Ulster Defense Association (UDA) and Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF was a cover name used by the UDA). Attempted. ) between 1989 and 1993.

Concerns include the use of informers who were themselves suspected of murder by the RUC Special Branch.

A senior PSNI official apologized for the findings of the report and said that the police was committed to bring those responsible for the murders to justice.

The 11 attacks investigated by Ombudsman Mary Anderson included the infamous massacre at the Rising Sun Bar in Greysteel, Ko Londonderry in October 1993 – an attack that claimed eight lives.

Lokpal probe probes 11 attacks by UDA/UFF(PA) , PA Archive

He also investigated four murders in the village of Castlerock in March of that year, also in Ko Derry.

Only one of the murders under investigation – the May 1991 murder of Sinn Féin councilor Eddie Fullerton in Cum Donegal – took place outside the North West of Northern Ireland.

All crimes were committed by the North West unit of UDA/UFF.

Publishing the 336-page investigation report, Mrs Anderson said she had identified several important concerns and was of the view that the concerns about collusive behavior by bereaved families were valid and justified.

– Intelligence and surveillance failures led to the North West UDA/UFF being armed with military assault rifles.

– Failure to warn many people of the dangers to their lives.

– Failure by the police to adequately address the UDR officers briefing the loyal paramilitary forces.

Deliberate destruction of records relating to informants suspected of having been involved in a serious offence, including murder.