We are going to withdraw security for border workers: Jauregui

Juarez City.- After a violent day in Juarez last Thursday, officials from three levels of government held a security table meeting yesterday, led virtually by Governor María Eugenia Campos, the Secretary of the Government, Cesar Jauregui, and the Mayor of Ciudad Juárez. Cruz Pérez Cuellar, in which it was announced that the main objective of the joint strategy is to capture the generators of violence.

According to the Civil Defense report, the acts committed on Thursday included intentional opening fire against a business, a city police liaison office and at least 10 vehicles, over a period of about two hours.

Yesterday, Infonavit another house located in Juárez Nuevo was linked to arson; Neighbors got the fire under control.

Public servants responsible for crime prevention and prosecution at the border said police presence would be strengthened so that civilians could supervise mixed patrol posts and other intelligence operations.

Jauregui Moreno attributed Thursday’s events to the response of organized crime to the actions of three levels of the government in terms of security, and assured that the people behind all those attacks would be revealed soon.

“The first thing that needs to be said clearly is that the government’s activity against crime will continue and will continue to be coordinated, with more actions than has been done so far,” he established.

“The priority of the board of Ciudad Juárez is to recover the public safety taken from this city. The crime is going to face the three levels of government in complete unity and is committed to revise the security situation in this border city,” he said .

He assured that the safety table strategies have already been implemented in the city, but they cannot be made public.

“It is precisely in incidents like yesterday (Thursday) where the crime tries to create a restless situation, don’t be restless (civilians), officials are working and tomorrow (Thursday) is the reaction to that coordinated action,” he said. . ,

“Let us also understand the messages that are intended to be delivered and that we should not escalate these kinds of things in relation to their consequences,” he insisted.

Gilberto Loya, Secretary of State for Public Safety, said the governor ordered the harassment of generators of violence, for which the Juarez plan was strengthened with federal officials.

In return, the Federal Government’s Secretary of Public Safety and Civil Protection, Fernando vila González’s representative, confirmed the support of federal forces towards Juárez.

The official said the names of the priority targets cannot be disclosed as it is sensitive information.

“We have no doubt as to who instigates violence in the city and the operational strategy has been worked out,” he said.

The state’s attorney general, Roberto Fierro Duarte, reiterated that the security strategy would be strengthened with the necessary adjustments and that the population would notice a greater presence of corporations.

Fierro Duarte said the lines of investigation into Thursday’s attacks could not be disclosed so as not to jeopardize the security strategy.

Cruz Pérez Cuellar said that the three levels of police corporations have the support of the municipal government for the tasks they must do.

In the first 14 days of January, the city has already recorded 48 murders, according to data from the state attorney general’s office.