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Washington DC. We ended the year very well and started 2022 even better. Welcome to Mexico. In recent weeks I have heard complaints about changes to Mexican immigration policies for foreigners traveling from different countries and through different ports of entry into the country. Complaints from South Americans are well known, especially with Colombian tourists and travelers who have to pass through famous “screening rooms” and who often end up in deportation considered illegal. These stories are growing slowly and steadily. On my last visit to Colombia in November, a high-ranking person in the Colombian public administration, who was traveling with his month old son for tourism and with enough resources, angered me that He was detained at the city airport. Mexico for about 15 hours. And what can I tell you about this: Routine checkup?

These sad tales are no longer heard only from South Americans. Now I hear them here in Washington, DC as well. For years, as in the United States, the period of permission to stay in the country as a tourist was 180 days. Now in Mexico they are giving permits for a very short period, even 10 days, which is much less than what is customary. Some former colleagues told me with great annoyance that they had to pay for changes in their flights because the permission granted was less than the three-week stay they had scheduled, how about something like a vacation tale?

The problem of migration is nothing new. The hardships of immigrating to Mexico, the impenetrable bureaucracy, the harrowing travel, the endless lines and processes a foreigner has to go through in order to regularize their stay in the country are well known. Be it from the cost and additional requirements to be able to rent a property, let alone get it, without counting the myriad hurdles in formalizing your stay (even worse if it’s in the famous 50 kilometers from the beaches) ), create a company, open a bank account, get a work permit or even to study. I experienced this firsthand. Coming 10 months after I was born in Mexico and I could never get my professional license.

Mexico doesn’t understand. Numerous studies have documented the importance of skilled migration to the economic development and attractiveness of talent in a country. However, Mexico continues to close doors to world talent, with other obvious examples such as the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, among others. But even for those less qualified migrants, a more proactive attitude and promotion of economic and social inclusion of immigrants and refugees can provide a significant and necessary boost to the economies of the country, especially border states, as Posted by #M√°sAperturaMenosBarreras. ,

Adding to this difficulty is the hostile attitude towards tourists nonsense and contradiction. A country like Mexico with the profession of tourism cannot afford to treat travelers from different parts of the world like this. Tourism is one of the most important activities for the Mexican economy, employing 9 out of every 100 pesos in the national GDP and 6 percent of paid workers. In such a situation, what is the purpose of formalizing this deal with the visitors?

I take the words of several friends and colleagues here in Washington, DC: What will happen to legal Mexican residents in the United States if they receive the same treatment as legal immigrants in Mexico? What will happen to Mexican tourists with similar behavior in the United States? I leave you to your imagination.