What does Cardiff City’s best XI look like now as the Leeds United man comes straight and starts the pairing

Cardiff City will have three new players to choose from thanks to their work in the January transfer window.

Cody Drameh joins Leeds United on loan this week, while Ryan Wintle and Max Waters have been recalled from their stints at Blackpool and MK Dons respectively.

This trio will add some much-needed vibrancy and new energy to the squad, which is enduring its tough old times.

Of course there have been improvements under Steve Morrison’s leadership, but the league tables don’t lie and City need all the help they can get.

The upcoming trio is likely to change what many supporters think of the team’s best XI.

They will provide a freshness and point of difference within the side and hopefully they can help kickstart the positive back end of the campaign.

So, who makes it to Cardiff’s best starting XI, provided that everyone is fit?

Well, alex smithis Most definitely holds its place among the sticks. Whereas Dillon Phillips Little done wrong, in fact, early in the campaign, the Smithies have been solid with gloves on in recent months.

kodi drameh Comes straight to the right. Morrison talked about the player’s speed and ability to get up and down the line in that wing-back role, and how Cardiff needs someone who has a bit of a thrill to add to their attack. It is to be hoped that Drameh can provide just that.

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The last three is difficult, it is fitting four into three. While many will point to this and suggest that it should be a flat back four, which won’t happen any time soon, so let’s work out the premise that this formation will take place.

Mark McGuinness Has been a successful player of the season and deserves his place there. And, for the money of many, Aidan Flint Has been largely reliable and has barely put a foot wrong, even though some are quick to criticize any small mistake he has made.

So it’s the middle Sean Morrison And Curtis Nelson for second place. Nelson provides the momentum and strength that is most needed at the back, while Morrison brings that leadership and calmness.

No one has played more minutes for Cardiff this season than Nelson, but he has played hot and cold throughout the campaign.

Morrison started the season poorly, possibly due to an injury from the previous campaign. But he was flawless in the FA Cup win over Preston North End. He’s a player that you write off at your own risk and he’ll get sanctioned for the lion’s share of supporters, no doubt about it.

On the left, it’s a straight shootout in the middle Perry Ng And joel plantation Ryan Giles has been recalled by the Wolves.

Bagan put up a solid performance against Preston last weekend, showing off his defensive abilities well. However, the attack just needed a few tweaks and improvements.

Fortunately, Cardiff are now in a position to easily move Bagan in and out of the team, rather than throwing him in the deep end, while he is clearly still learning his trade, as has been the case with the season. Happened in the beginning.

Ng played under Mick McCarthy last season and while arguing that right-footed left-footers aren’t ideal, it shouldn’t be a problem for him.

Joe Ralso Has been Cardiff’s most consistent midfielder, so he has been kept there.

So, too Ryan Wintle , He was brought back for a reason; to play. The midfielder has had a great start to the campaign with Seasiders and is expected to kick off for Cardiff.

Bluebirds fans are eager to see what Wintel brings in and why Blackpool fans rated him so highly. This is a big opportunity for him.

In those number 6 roles, marlon pack Provides ample competition. He has more influence in this slightly changed system and will be instrumental in the back end of the season as well. Leandro Bakuna And Sam Bowens There will also be controversy in the coming months

Then there is the number 8 position, which will be contested between rubin colville And tom sango , one would think.

Both are technically strong, but it will be a matter of rotation and horses for the course.

Home games, in which Cardiff feel they can attack more against so-called lesser teams, should be approved by Colville.

Perhaps against better teams, against whom he would need more legs and more defensive stability, Song would be a good fit. So it’s definitely between two former Academy stars.

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front, provided that everyone is fit, keifer moore And Max Waters Definitely the best combination.

Moore has yet to deliver his best in this campaign, but his importance is not in question. With Waters, as buoyant from his early season form with MK Dawns buzzing around him and providing some much-needed peace in front of the target, this combo may be the one City needs to be firing again.

Isaac Davis And mark harris Having done commendable performances in recent weeks, boosting defense and adding a bit of excitement to the last three, they are both solid choices off the bench.

James Collins Shows what a work horse that is and also provides an alternative. Indeed, in Moore’s absence this weekend, and potentially beyond, he could well have joined Waters as well.

But with three extras this month, the team certainly has a more youthful and energetic look and one that should be excited to move on.

Lest we forget, there are likely to be more pairings before this month ends…

Cardiff City’s best XI : Smithies; Drameh, Morrison, Flint, McGuinness, NG; Vintel, Rawls; Colville; Moore, Waters.

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