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What seemed far away a few weeks ago, is living today: last day of NFL will be held this weekend where the final three tickets will be distributed to enter playoffs of the current competition, so the combination gives us a hot Saturday and Sunday of the Dream Grid.

on the one hand, in american convention Even now two tickets To be able to be within the next phase, the sector in each crash would be very interesting; in between, national convention, which is no less interesting, is only a Ticket For the special guest.

how many teams go playoffs,

overall they are 14 teams Those who qualify for this new stage of the tournament, i.e. seven from each conference (National and American). So far, Only three spots available Which will be played this weekend: two in the US and one in the national.

What does your NFL team need to make the playoffs?

Having already distributed some tickets to both conferences, although the order in which they will enter has not yet been disclosed, here we leave each of you with their respective probabilities.

american convention

Baltimore Ravens (8-8): Victory and Loss chargers, colts You dolphin,

buffalo bills (10-8): win and lose or draw Patriot,

Cincinnati Bengals (10-6): Victory and Loss titans, chiefs You Patriot,

Indianapolis Colts (9-7): Victory and Loss chargers, over tie or collapse steelersMILF of more victories dolphin,

head of kansas city (11-5): win plus lose or draw Titans.

Las Vegas Raiders (9-7): Victory and Loss colts You steelers,

Los Angeles Chargers (9-7): win or draw

Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1): Victory and Loss colts and don’t tie chargers You Raiders,

Tennessee Titans (11-5): win or draw, plus lose or draw chiefs, Bengal You PatriotMILF of more victories Bills,

national convention

Arizona Cardinals (11-5): victory and defeat Rams,

Los Angeles Ramso (12-4): win or draw plus lose cardinals,

New Orleans Saints (8-8): Victory and Loss 49ers,

San Francisco 49ers (9-7): win or draw and lose Saints,

Which teams (so far) have qualified playoffs,

american convention

-Tennessee Titans.

-Kansas City Chiefs.

-Cincinnati Bengals.

-Buffalo Bill.

-new England Patriots.

* Teams that will fight to enter playoffs: Colts, Chargers, Raiders, Steelers and Ravens.

national convention

-green Bay Packers.

-Los Angeles Rams.

-Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

-Dallas Cowboys.

-Arizona Cardinals.

-Philadelphia Eagles.

* Teams that will fight to enter playoffs: 49ers and Saints.

saturday game

Two games were played this Saturday: the first was in charge of the game. Broncos and Chiefs, leaving a very close score; victory went to the chiefs, with a final score of 28 points out of 24 scored by the Broncos.

On the other hand, the match of Eagles vs Cowboys, and in the third quarter cowboys sweeping Match with a score of 30 out of 20 made by your opponent. only a quarter left, therefore we should not take these results lightly.

the rest of the game NFL Week 18 They will continue tomorrow at 12:00, and here is the schedule and the calendar with the teams that will see each other on this day:

Sunday 9 January

Green Bay Vs. Detroit , 12:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Indianapolis Vs. jacksonville , 12:00 hours | fox sports 2

Washington Vs. New York Giants , 12:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Chicago Vs. Minnesota , 12:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Tennessee Vs. houston , 12:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Pittsburgh Vs. baltimore , 12:00 hours | NFL Game Pass

Cincinnati Vs. cleveland , 12:00 hours | afizados

San Francisco Vs. Los Angeles Ramso , 15:25 hours | Fox Sports

Carolina Vs. Tampa Bay , 15:25 hours | NFL Game Pass

Seattle Vs. Arizona , 15:25 hours | fox sports 2

New England Vs. miami , 15:25 hours | NU9VE

New Orleans Vs. atlanta , 15:25 hours | NFL Game Pass

New York Jets Vs. Buffalo , 15:25 hours | NFL Game Pass

Los Angeles Vs. Las Vegas , 19:20 hours | ESPN, Star+