Where are the main characters a year after the attack? – financial

This January 6th marks a year since the Donald supporters thronged trump taken for I stormed the capital In an effort to prevent the announcement of Joe Biden as the new president.

More than a hundred policemen were attacked that day, some by assailants and on several occasions.

And while more than 700 people have been charged with the attack, and officials try to locate the other culprits, we’ll tell you where the main characters of the incident are.

closed legislators

Although most of the delegates managed to escape when the crowd entered the Capitol, about thirty of them were locked up in the sessions room of the lower house.

At the time of the invasion, some legislators tried to call their families as they faced violent rebellion, seeking to withhold certification of Joe Biden’s election victory.

Some of these officers were recently interviewed by the AP news agency, in which they said that January 6th experience traumatized them.

They clearly remember the noise that the gas mask given to them made like that of a hornet. Tear gas grenades explode in the corridors outside. The screams of the police are telling them to stay on the floor. Strikes by rebels trying to open the doors. Door latch noise. And above all, a shot that echoed in the chamber, as officials told the AP.

Agent Michael Byrd, who killed Trump supporter Ashley Babbitt, was trying to enter the halls of the Lower House through a broken window.

Democratic Representative Val Demings was one of the people who stayed in the House of Representatives hall until the last minute. Demings, the former Orlando police chief, was stunned when officers said Congress had intruders. “I knew the police were being sidelined. As a former police officer, I also knew that the officers would do everything possible to protect us.”

Several representatives went to see the doctor. Some were diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and their difficulties were compounded by increased death threats.

Democratic Rep. Annie Custer, who sought treatment for PTSD, was among the first to leave the gallery through a door along with three other lawmakers, before the others were locked in the room.

Donald Trump, considered the main in charge of the attack

a year later attack on the capitol, former President Donald trump He had announced a press conference for this 6 January, in which he was expected to attack the Commission of Representatives investigating the events of a year earlier.

In the end the President canceled the conference.


To date, the former president insists that the election was “stolen” from him and that the “real” rebellion took place on November 3, 2020, the day Democrat Joe Biden won a 306-232 victory in the Electoral College .

To date, the former president has submitted various lawsuits from members of Congress, as well as four lawsuits from Capitol police officers who accuse him of being the instigators of the deadly attack.

Trump’s aides

in the middle of the investigation to attack, MLA Jim Jordan has recently been summoned by the panel in charge of the investigation. Jordan, a former presidential aide and confidant of election fraud, is expected to elaborate on the conversation he had with Donald on January 6, 2021. trump,


For their part, former strategist Steve Bannon and former chief of staff Mark Meadows have been charged with criminal contempt for refusing to testify before the panel. According to information from Bloomberg, the trial against Bannon will take place in July, while the case of Meadows is in the hands of the US Department of Justice.

unknown criminal

So far 250 people have been caught in the video attacking the police officers. capital According to the AP agency, he has not been fully identified or captured by the FBI, and is wanted for another hundred insurgency-related crimes.

Before a crowd of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, a suspect who had been seen roaming the streets of Washington the night before had planted two bombs, one in front of the offices of the Republican National Committee and the other of the Democratic National Committee. In comparison, it is not located, and even a year after the events, it is unknown whether its actions were linked to an attempt to take a legislative seat.

press that was present

Dozens of journalists were present during this attack on the capitolAmong them, J. Scott Applewhite and Andy Harnick, who photographed lawmakers seeking asylum and police holding a crowd at gunpoint.


What’s next for the matter in 2022?

It is not yet over for FBI agents to trace all those responsible for the attack. Agents and analysts have scrutinized thousands of hours of video, pausing frame by frame, to try to identify the attackers who stormed the legislative headquarters that day.

In the meantime, the House of Representatives commission investigating the rebellion will continue with the inquiry, and will reveal its findings in the coming months in the face of persistent efforts by the former president and his allies to cover up the riots.

At the moment, the commission has interviewed more than 300 witnesses, collected 35,000 pages of documents, including text messages, emails and phone records of people close to Trump, and, of course, is investigating whether the former what the president was doing at the time as his sympathizers made their way to him capital,