Where visitors to the Commonwealth Games can take a taste of home during Birmingham 2022

The Commonwealth Games 2022 is only half a year away and visitors will be planning their trip to Birmingham as we speak.

If you’re a Commonwealth citizen and plan to cheer from Alexander Stadium in July, you’ll probably want to explore Birmingham amid the big events.

And one thing all visitors will have to think about is where to grab a bite to eat.

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Birmingham is a melting pot of flavours, with top restaurants, some of them with Michelin stars named after them.

We’ve culled some of the city’s top stars to sit down to sample some of the best cuisine that Bram has to offer. Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise was overjoyed with the local fare, he said for a few seconds.

So with that in mind, here is a list of restaurants suitable for guests from all three parts of the Commonwealth.

Canada and the United States:

For our friends in the Commonwealth of Nations Canada, or visitors to the States, we have a few everyday eateries that offer a little taste of home.

Ed’s Easy Dinner

Situated at Bullring Shopping Center, a tourist favorite, this classic american dinner The styled restaurant offers scrumptious chicken wings, rack ribs, burgers, and hot dogs.


this pub New Orleans combines French Quarter-inspired Louisiana style cooking with delectable soul food. Try their Mac N’ Cheese, Church Con Carne and Buttermilk Chicken Burger.

Original Patty Maine

while it Digbeth Restaurant Not a typical American restaurant, they specialize in crazy stacked burgers that will leave you drooling.

Well Stacked: A Basic Patty Main Burger
Well Stacked: A Basic Patty Main Burger

Try the Alabama Slammer with deep fried chicken thighs and Alabama sauce, or the Boneless Nuggz ‘n’ Harmony made with deep fried chicken thigh nuggets served with Cajun Boseman and Louisiana hot sauce.

Frankie and Benny’s

Fans of the Rocky franchise can relish some Italian American grub from this chain restaurant.

Enjoy specialty dishes like Frankie’s Classic Meatballs or Classic Pepperoni Pizza. The venue also has a wide range of vegetarian options, check them out Broadway Plaza, The Fort Shopping Center or Great Park, at Rubery.

A Frankie and Benny's Restaurant
A Frankie and Benny’s Restaurant


India had the privilege of hosting the Delhi Commonwealth Games in 2010, so check out these spicy hot spots for visitors from eastern countries this year. After all, Birmingham has a thriving curry scene.

Pushkar Indian Restaurant

Pushkar was crowned the Best Indian Restaurant in Birmingham at the English Curry Awards 2021. Located on Broad Street it offers fine food, luxury interiors and cocktails.

Dining in Pushkar at Broad Street
Dining in Pushkar at Broad Street

Choti Bangla

Oldbury. is located in this restaurant prides itself as a top child friendly Bangladeshi and Indian restaurant. It’s down the road in Oldbury, but well worth a visit.

Another winner at the English Curry Awards, they offer delicious dishes that include From Muchli Tikka Bahari to a variety of Biryani.

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Little Bangla Indian and Bangladeshi Restaurant at High Street, Langley


This Coventry Road Restaurant Serving a mix of British, South Asian and global cuisines is a highly rated brumie favourite, meaning visitors are more than likely to find something to enjoy.

Check out their Samosa Chaat, Steak, Gourmet Burger, Curry and Baked Parmesan.

Eating at MyLahore Restaurant
Eating at MyLahore Restaurant

Royal Watan Kashmiri Restaurant

Kashmir comes to Birmingham this restaurant Known for its special bucket style dishes.

Opened in 1984, their website claims that they use “the freshest and finest ingredients to create authentic and delicious Kashmiri food.”

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Tom Cruise with staff at Hope’s Curry House in Birmingham, where he stayed for a meal while filming Mission Impossible scenes in the city


If it’s good enough for Tom Cruise…

This eatery on Newhall Street in Birmingham city center saw the Mission Impossible actor enjoying his chicken tikka dish he ordered seconds.

Asha’s serves up some of the top cocktails along with specializing in award-winning Indian cuisine.


Lush Caribbean island top medalist every time they compete in the Commonwealth Games. Check out these delicious Caribbean eateries in Bram for our island visitors:

24 Carat Bistro

Jewelery Quarter Offer Offer Homemade Specialty Restaurant Which offers the best of Jerk Chicken, Caribbean Mixed Platter and a variety of Jamaican Patties.

Birmingham Live called it ‘A Truly Hidden Gem’.

Turtle Bay Caribbean Social

this place Perfect for get-togethers and happy hour, though they have a strict dress code with no hoodies, hats or tracksuits.

Afterwards, enjoy their unlimited cocktails, brunches and West Indian curries.

Its bottomless brunch options include burgers at Turtle Bay on Castle Street
Its bottomless brunch options include burgers at Turtle Bay on Castle Street

Devon House Jamaica Restaurant and Borough

Another Jewelery Quarter Venue Which prides itself on “Authentic Jamaican Cuisine” cooked with natural herbs and spices, which they promise will delight the taste buds.

Adians Dining Tropical Fusion

this restaurant Has a lavish interior and offers fusion food inspired by India and Southeast Asia but still holds that Caribbean heart. It is also certified Halal.

Check out their Jerk Salmon Supreme or Coconut Fusion Duo.

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