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Indianapolis Colts failed in the opportunity to secure my place in playoffs Of NFL 26-11 inch losers jacksonvilletheir seventh consecutive defeat at the home of Jaguar,

colts were once removed from any possibility of a post-season pittsburgh Defeated baltimore,

Vikings Vs. Bear

Cancer cousin 172 yards and three . passed for touchdown To take command of the comeback in the second half with Minnesota Vikings 31-17 . Defeated Chicago Bears, in a duel between the eliminated teams and those whose coaches are in danger of being fired.

Justin Jefferson met touchdown tie and KJ Osborne benefited Vikings (8-9), who gave the head coach mike zimmer 28-3 to . Many reasons to celebrate by defeating Chicago in the second half.

Titans Vs. texans

Ryan Tanhill tied a personal best with four passes from touchdown to help Tennessee Titans to get first place in american convention with a 28-25 win over Houston Texans,

titans (12-5), who secured his second consecutive title of South of AFC Last week, he finished first in the conference for the third time since he won the . left town houston In 1997 and his first since 2008. They will also rest in the first week after the season.

Washington Vs. giants

Antonio Gibson he had the best record in NFL With a range of 146 yards, he received a touchdown and capped his first season with over a thousand rushing yards in a victory Washington about 22-7 New York, in which it could have been the last game of Dave Getelman as General Manager of giants,

Bobby McCain The first of his two interceptions returned 30 yards to the end zone and joy sly He scored three field goals so that Washington (7-10) would end the season he went from becoming the defending champion Before NFC For a team of stacks.

Brown Vs. Bengal

case keyname got his second win baker mayfield And this Cleveland Browns But ended their disappointing season with a 21-16 win. Cincinnati Bengals, who had already secured their place playoffs, and chose to give rest Quarterback who burrows And they played with substitutes.

tangerine Touchdown pass thrown Jarvis Landry already dimetric felton And this Browns (8-9) completes surprise sweep over K champions North Division of the American Conference, D’Ernest Johnson ran 123 yards and stellar ran behind nick chubbo He had just nine carries and finished the season with 1,259 yards.

Packers Vs. Lions

Aaron Rodgers He threw two touchdown passes in the first half and rested the entire second half due to the fact that he had nothing at stake and Detroit Lions He 37-30 . Defeated green Bay PackersMILF’s first sow national convention,

alternately jordan love Thrown two late interceptions that sealed the damage with no effect on the position green bay Going after the season.

49ers Vs. Rams

San Francisco 49ers They secured their spot after the season, beating Los Angeles 27–24 in overtime. Los Angeles RamsoMILF the champion National Conference West Division, thanks for the field goal of 24 yards Robbie Gold 2:45 p.m. left and an intercept Embry Thomas Who punished the party.

john jennings caught a pass from touchdown 14 yards Jimmy Garoppolo by 26 seconds from the end of regular time 49ers (10-7), who is in post season for only the second time in eight years.

Dolphins Vs. Patriot

Jaylen Waddle received reception from touchdown and set a record for NFL Caught more close to a cheater, Duke Johnson ran for 117 yards and miami dolphins ended his campaign with a 33-25 win over new England Patriots, which will happen later in the season.

xavian howard returned an intercept for touchdown You johnson scored by a carry miami (9–8), which finished with a winning record for the second consecutive season, although it was once again ruled out after the season.

After 18 days on the field, 12 of the 14 post-season tickets have already been awarded, 7 of which american convention and out of 5 national convention,

american convention

East Division: buffalo bills

north division: Cincinnati Bengals

South Division: Tennessee Titans

West Division: head of kansas city

national convention

East Division: Dallas Cowboys

Answer Division: green Bay Packers

South Division: tampa bay buccaneers

West Division: Los Angeles Ramso

AFC wildcard for now

Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Chargers

Cincinnati Bengals vs New England Patriots

Kansas City Chiefs vs Las Vegas Raiders

NFC wildcard at the moment

Philadelphia Eagles vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Ramso

San Francisco 49ers vs Dallas Cowboys

classified party


Tennessee Titans (12-5)

Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)

Buffalo Bill (10-6)

Cincinnati Bengals (10-7)

Kansas City Chiefs (12-5)

New England Patriots (10-6)

Las Vegas Raiders (9-7)


Green Bay Packers (13-4)

Los Angeles Rams (12-5)

Arizona Cardinals (11-6)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (13-4)

Dallas Cowboys (12-5)

San Francisco 49ers (10-7)

Philadelphia Eagles (9-8)