Wicklow students bag five awards at this year’s BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

Wicklow’s schools have won five awards at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2022.

Agif Aliyev of St. David’s Secondary School in Greystones won two prizes. The sixth year student won the Science at Trinity Global Challenges Award and took first place in the Senior Individual Technology category for his project called ‘Snapstudy’.

They have created an app that can scan any text and use artificial intelligence for teachers to randomly generate questions on the text to help their students retain knowledge.

Daniel Monahan from Educate Together Secondary School in Wicklow City, placed third in the organic and ecological junior individual category. His project is titled ‘Are plant saponins better at removing stains as commercial laundry detergents?’

Lauren Raftery and Ciara Kelly from St. Mary’s College in Arkalow to ‘Carbon Capture: Has Seaweed a Silent Superhero in the Battle Against Climate Change?’ The project titled, received high appreciation in the organic and ecological category.

St Mary’s College teacher Joan English also won the Perigo Educator of Excellence Award in the Biological and Ecological Sciences category.

The overall winners are Aditya Joshi and Aditya Kumar from Singe Street, Dublin. Third year students won the top prize with their project titled ‘A New Method of Solving the Bernoulli Quadrisection Problem’. The students submitted their project in the Intermediate section in the Chemical, Physical and Mathematical Sciences category.

He received the BTYSTE Perpetual Trophy and the top prize of €7,500. He will represent Ireland in the European Union competition for young scientists in September.

Ross O’Boyle won the individual award. student at Portmarnock Community College in Dublin titled their project ‘An investigation into the effectiveness of these various ventilation methods using CO2 as a proxy for the spread of COVID-19 in both controlled and real-life scenarios’. The student was in the chemical, physical and mathematical sciences individual category at the intermediate level.

Group Runner-up Award was given to three students of Mercy Mounthawk, Trolley in Kerry for their project ‘A Wearable Smart Device for Dementia Patients’. Sixth-year students invented an intelligent spectacle system that helps reduce anxiety and fear in people with dementia.

Andrei Florian was the individual runner-up. A fifth year student at CBS, St Aidan in Dublin, he had a project titled ‘An Investigation into the Development of a Digital PR-STV Electoral Voting System Using Blockchain Technologies’. I have created a unique end to end system that enables remote voting and has the potential to transform the election process.

Speaking to students at Friday’s BTYSTE Awards ceremony, Education Minister Norma Foley TD said: “It is both encouraging and encouraging to see the level of creativity and innovation of this year’s entrants, as through their meticulous research and ingenious projects. has been displayed.

“Each one of you is a credit to yourself, your family, your school and you should be proud of your achievements. The potential for entries is a testament to the tenacity and talent of the students behind them, and it is this consistently high standard that BT Young This makes Scientist one of the longest running and most successful STEM events in Europe.

“I would especially like to acknowledge your teachers and mentors who provided their time and expertise to support you on your journey. Thank you also to your parents and families for their unwavering support.”

Shay Walsh, Managing Director of BT Ireland, said: “Congratulations to the students across the island of Ireland and all our winners who participated in the exhibition this week and especially thank you for brightening up a cold January with Covid-19. So much. Cast a long shadow.The students of the BT Young Scientist and Technology exhibition did a remarkable job this week and have shown a vast diversity of ideas in actively finding solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

“I would like to thank the teachers, parents, guardians and everyone who has supported the students who entered. I would also like to thank our respected judges, our sponsors and partners and of course, our own wonderful BT team of organizers I would like to thank those who collectively make this exhibition possible every year.”