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Looks like Tom Brady is having the time of a lifetime post-season. Bill Belichick renewed him after last season ended, and Aaron Rodgers’ platinum membership earned him a second consecutive year with a bye in the first week of the playoffs.

And the Steelers? Well, the Steelers “don’t stand a chance.”

The NFL playoffs began today with seven teams that have pitched at least one Lombardi since 1999, seven teams that weren’t invited last season, and one goal: to survive in Los Angeles on the second Sunday in February. for.

Brady would start his illustrious career 46th postseason in a 19th trip to the playoffs, and he would lead the Buccaneers to become two-time NFL champions for the first time since he himself guided the Patriots back-to-back. -Back titles in 2003 and 2004.

The extent of Brady’s success is ridiculous by any measure, and more so than some quarterback he’ll share the spotlight with this postseason. For example, his rival Kal, Jalen Harts of the Eagles, has just 19 regular season starts and as many career touchdown passes (22) as Brady’s playoff loss (11).

Talk of a generational change involving Brady that has been a futile task over the years; However, it can be a watershed between the old guard and the new guard after the season. On one side are Brady (44), Ben Roethlisberger (39), Rodgers (38) and Matthew Stafford (33). On the other hand, six quarterbacks 26 or fewer, led by Patrick Mahomes (26), Hurts (23) and Joe Burrows (25).

The reality is that the 2021 playoffs are a star with hundreds of points, and each one of them has a story to write.

You can, as always, talk about individuals and this year’s guest list includes the leader in passing yards (Brady), the leader in ratings (Rodgers), the leader in receptions (Cooper Kup), the rookie who has passed the most yards. Huh. (Mc Jones), Receiving (Jammer Chase) and Rushing (Nazi Harris), Leader in Interception (Trayvon Diggs) and Leader in Sacks (TJ Watts).

One can talk about collective success, as exemplified by the presence of the best offense in the NFL in points and yards, that of a cowboy led by the famous Dak Prescott; Or the defense that leads the league in yards, points, and passing yards, the Buffalo Bills.

Old rivalry? Of course. Wild Card Week consists of two matchups between teams from the same division. The Patriots and Bills will play their third match-up of the season tonight after splitting their two regular-season matchups. This would be the first time New England would be on the road in a wild-card game in the Belichick era.

On Monday, the Rams and NFC West rivals the Cardinals will also look to settle the scores of each team that won at home during the season, when Arizona beat Los Angeles for the first time in nine previous meetings.

There are also new versions of historical rivalries, such as yesterday’s game between the Cowboys and the 49ers, who would meet for the eighth time in the playoffs, and San Francisco defeating Dallas in the conference finals in January 1995.

The Raiders, the only team to make the playoffs with interim coach Rich Bisaccia, have not faced the Bengals in the playoffs since 1991, a game that was remembered for running back Bo Jackson’s hip injury. Their regular season struggle ended in a 32–13 win for Cincinnati in Week 11.

In Sunday night’s game, Patrick Mahomes would look to open the road to his third straight Super Bowl against the Steelers, having already lost 36–10 on December 26. As of 2019, Mahomes is 18-1 in games played in December and January.

Pittsburgh, who entered the playoffs due to an upset loss to Indianapolis in Jacksonville and a Raiders field goal in the final seconds of the regular season, were drawn on 12.5 points.

It’s a flattering prospect for what may have been Roethlisberger’s last game as a pro. He knows it, and seems to be at peace with it.

“We’re probably not a very good (American) football team,” said the veteran. “Out of the 14 teams that have entered, we are probably at number 14.”

“We don’t have a chance. Let’s go out and have fun,” he said.

Playing without pressure will help and Pittsburgh needs all the help possible. After all, next week only eight teams will be left alive.


Wild Card Weekend tours Cincinnati (10-7) with the Raiders (10-7) today, followed by a tour of the Patriots (10-7) at home to the Bills (11-6), in which it will be their third . Matchup of the season.

The action continues with three games on Sunday: first thing in the morning, the Eagles (9–8) visit the champions, the Buccaneers (13–4). Later, the 49ers (10–7) travel to Dallas to face the Cowboys (12–5), and the Steelers (9–7–1) visit Kansas City (12–5) in the evening.

The first round of the season will conclude on Monday with a divisional matchup between the Cardinals (11-6) and the Rams (12-5), who will act as hosts.

The Titans (12-5) and the Packers (13-4) will be given byes as they are the top seeds in each conference.

Las Vegas (10-7) (10-7) in Cincinnati

Today at 2:35 pm/9.1

Line: Bengals from 5 1/2, according to FanDuel Sportsbook

Line Against: Raiders 8-9; Bengal 10-7

Series Record: Raiders Lead 21-12

Final Game: Bengals beat Raiders 32-13 on November 21. 21 in Vegas

Last week: Raiders beat Chargers 35-32 at TE; Bengals lost to Browns 21-16

Patriots at Buffalo (10-7) (11-6)

today at 6:15 pm / 4.1

Line: Bill by 4, according to FanDuel Sportsbook

Against the line: Patriots 10-7; Bill 10-7

Series record: Patriots lead 77-46-1

Final Game: The Bills beat the Patriots 33-21 on December 26. 2021 in Foxborough, Mass.

Last week: Patriots lost to Dolphins 33-24; Bills beat Jets 27-10