Woman sends positive covid PCR test result of another person by NHS test and trace

A woman has said she has been left “concerned” after the NHS Test, Trace and Protect system received the results of another person’s PCR test.

Sara, whose surname has been withheld to avoid the identity of the other person, received two emails on January 7 and January 11 stating that an unidentified woman had tested positive for Covid-19.

Despite messages showing Sarah’s full name, date of birth, and results, the emails also show the dates of two separate tests – neither of which are Sarah’s test dates.

NHS Test and Trace have said they are looking into the matter. Sara believes that the Covid test mix is ​​due to the fact that she and the other woman may have the same first and last name.

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“On Tuesday, I had a very mild cold,” she explained to WellsOnline.

“So at the end of the day, I took a lateral flow test and it came back positive. I booked a PCR test at a local center the next day, which was January 5.

“By January 6, about 24 hours after I took the PCR test, I received a text message from Test and Trace informing me that I had tested positive. I knew it was right because at this point I had a cold and a sore throat. And so I started self-isolating. I didn’t report the results to the app that day.

“However on January 7th I received an email containing a positive test result. I checked the date and it was actually the date of my test – January 5. I looked at the previous test results and realized that it was in fact Told that this test was taken on January 4.

On 5 January, Sarah received a positive PCR test result of another person by NHS Test and Trace. The exam was held on 4th January

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On 11 January, a positive PCR test result of another person sent to Sarah from Anglesey was taken up by NHS Test and Trace on 10 January.

“I did not take the PCR test on January 4. I found it strange but did not think much about it as both were positive and decided to leave it at that.

“But then I got another email on January 11 saying I had done another test on January 10, which I didn’t, and that the test was positive. These were definitely not my tests.”

Sarah decided to contact Test & Trace, which she claims had “no idea” about test result mixing.

According to Sara, her full name is quite common.

“When I asked them if it was adulteration with my name, they said it could be but they didn’t know for sure,” she said.

“It could be anyone from anywhere – my first and last names together are very popular, especially here in North Wales.

“I am only concerned that there may be two people with the same name who have taken different tests and know nothing about their results. Or there is just one ‘Sarah’ who has taken two tests because She is feeling sick but can’t get an explanation that she has got covid.

“I’m also concerned if they haven’t gotten the test and think they are fine, when in fact they are positive. They can mix with other people and spread the virus.

“I’m not annoyed by Test and Trace — it’s a very busy time for them. It’s just worrying and a little confusing.”

Most of the tests used by members of the general public in North Wales are delivered by private contractors. The testing center that Sara went to was a mobile testing unit.

In response, a spokesman for the UK Government’s Health Protection Agency (UKHSA) said: “We are unable to comment on individual cases.

“We look into any complaints made and will take action where appropriate.”

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