world vs. My

Ecobike. I was with Mariana H at La Montejo Cantina. We couldn’t handle any more beers, so we ordered Ricky’s vodka. According to me, I did not drink more than ten. When we said goodbye, I climbed onto the Ecobisi to be taken to Parque México. I don’t know if the wind hit me or what happened, but dodging a pothole I lost control and fell. I punched so, at that moment I didn’t realize it, that the next day I woke up with a bruise the size of an omelet on my chest. I had the handlebars fitted. When he saw me on the ground, a car stopped and the passenger came out to help me. When he realized that everything was going well, he turned and left. My knees and shoulders have been hurting since many days.

Never fart on a bike.

Fernando Nachoon. I was threatened with death on my twitter tl. An alleged “nephew” of Nachón criticized various Mexican writers and editors. In the thread in which he explained the lack of recognition that the Republic of Letters had rejected his “late uncle”, he did not release a puppet with a head. He insulted the stature of Juan Villero, hipster editors, and little writers like me. Many of the above were worried to such an extent that they lost the idea of ​​filing a complaint. Imagine every time a Malcopa tweeter starts saying rubbish at dawn, we call the cyber police. Panic broke out for a few minutes but then everything was left behind, like millions of tweets that are uploaded second-to-second. Apparently the alleged nephew is Nachon himself. I have to admit something from him, that in spite of everything, he has not lost his ability to defame.

Bottles make me peel. Once Upon a Night, after Save Twelve, a fan asked me to sign her boobs. I wrote on it with a Sharpie marker. The groom was present, but he did not protest. The evening continued and, let me interpret it now, Veer’s anger escalated until he cowardly smacked a bottle of chela into my face.

I was careless. The owner of the place did not allow us to peak ourselves. And the angry lover refused to go out and separate his mother. I was bleeding profusely, but the next morning I woke up with only a few bruises on my nose. So many benefits of watching wolverine movies. While I was sleeping like a baby, my fan was sleeping next to my boyfriend and my scribbles were on his keys. The indelible ink will definitely last for a few days. To my readers, whatever.

Bankomer. Nine missed calls. No one insists that much, unless it’s a toxic boyfriend or girlfriend. For the tenth time the cell phone rang, I decided to answer.

Maybe it was an emergency. What a fool I was there was one executive For offering me loan from Bancomer. I understood that harassment was only used to collect money. How wrong was I? I don’t know if it will be one of the effects of the pandemic, but I find it unusual that they want to loan me. How things have changed. From unwanted number one I have become a subject of credit. With the patience I didn’t have, I explained to the executive why I didn’t want credit. He accepted my views humbly. We wish each other the best.

Half an hour later I got another call from Bancomer, this time from a woman asking me to give the same credit. But why doesn’t he want that, he asked me, terrified. Because I don’t need it, I answered. And what does it matter what I want. The only pressing need is from the bank. I am sure that if I had personally gone to any branch to apply for the loan, they would have refused me outright.

food fighters fan, A few weeks ago I published a tirade against Dave Grohl in this space. An email came to the newspaper inviting me to moderate my thoughts or else I might wake up in a dead state one of these days. This kind of tenderness is not new to me. When I published my chronicle against The Cure I received hundreds. The thing that struck me the most was that Foo Fighters had such passionate fans. Does Dave Grohl really have such an intense level of bigotry that it makes his followers taste murderous?

I won’t deny it, sometimes you get death threats just to make you feel alive.