worse of politics

Mexico City—The wedding nights lend themselves to lyrical detail that would hardly be repeated after the honeymoon. Usually it is the groom who seeks to establish the right to real property at the attraction of his new wife. In the secret thalamus, Gerinaldo asked his bride Susiflor in a sweet voice: “Whose emerald eyes are those?” “Yours, my love.” “And that rosy cheek?” “Yours, my dear.” “And that purple lip?” “Your, my life.” Then the high-ranking hero suddenly fell: “And from whose precious pompitas are they?” In this section, Susiflor’s response was different: “Whatever they were, they are yours now.” Don Bolito came home happy. He was overjoyed to say to his wife Donna Gorgolotta: “He named me Man of the Year in the Philatelic Club!” “Let me explain it,” replied the woman in a loud voice. The year was a fucking one”. Good society lady Donna Panoplia di Altopedo and her husband Don Sinople were having tea in the living room when the maid Nascia entered and announced to her landlady that she was leaving the house. “Why, Nasita?” -Dona Panoplia asked her, who had never called the girl “Nashita”. The woman replied: “Because they pay me very little for what I do, and nothing for what the man does to me.” The most famous prophet was Nostradamus. Saint Malachi was also considered a highly regarded auspicious. Mata Matiana had gained a lot of prestige in her time as a seer. However, no one is equal to Don Teofilito in predicting the future. Her only drawback is that her predictions are always pessimistic, like Cassandra’s. An example: “So and so and so, he hasn’t paid me the money he owed me.” “He won’t pay you, said Don Teofilito.” Second: “My boyfriend swore to me that he would marry me, and he’s not married.” Don Teofilito said, “Neither will he marry.” This character of popular speech, in contrast, is a harpsichord: usually, prophets announce what is about to happen; Don Teofilito predicts what will not happen. López Obrador wears the presidential plane around his neck as if carrying an anvil or a mate. If I’m allowed to use the alien space, Reigns can find no way out for the unlucky Hulk, who has now turned into a pain in the ass. Now AMLO tells us that such an aircraft will be replaced by a helicopter. A modern form of commerce, barter, is expected to solve that problem. So far, the presidential plane has only served to portray the democracy of a president who, to demonstrate his republican austerity, travels by airliner, exposing himself to groups of passengers, who curse him. Congratulates with a boo, a whistle, or all three. Too expensive, and due to the lack of its use in risky conditions, 4T has not been able to find a customer for the now infamous airplane. “You won’t find it,” said Don Teofilito. Donna Ballena, a fairly strong woman, not to mention fat (when she reached the scale the device screamed: “Ay!”), decided to take horse riding lessons to lose weight. After a month of practicing this exercise, someone asked her husband: “Has your wife lost weight?” “Not her,” replied the husband, “but the horse has already lost 65 kilos” (Poor animal. It will look like Gonella’s horse, quoted by Cervantes, who has only bones and skins) . One man said to another: “Campadre: your neighbor is saying everywhere that his wife – yours – screams a lot in the moment of love.” “How could this happen? The other was angry. Right now I’m going to explain this to my wife.” The man asked him: “By the way, Compadrito, please ask him why he never yells at me.” End.