Xavier Corral, charged with treason

Former Chihuahua governor Javier Coral arrived in time to settle Jurado excesses and violations of the rule of law: businessman Alberto Wallace Bacca, criminally accused during that government, did not file a criminal complaint against Coral before prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero Of. Abandoning his American nationality – which is required by law – when he was chosen by popular election to rule Mexico’s largest state, with birth certificates of the accused displayed.

This is, of course, a high-flying scam because it entails a legal process and holding a position of this magnitude in the largest entity in Mexico, using federal and state resources and public institutions as a foreign Meaning of impeachment. , The allegation indicates that Coral hid this position when he was the first deputy. The birth certificate presented in the trial shows that, in fact, they are two different people, while in fact, they are one and the same; Furthermore, his voter ID card was accused of displaying incorrect data—CURP—when he ran as a candidate for governor.

This should be added to the charge of being a foreigner (by not renouncing US citizenship) by Coral Jurado as a judge of Samuel Uriel Mendoza against his political rivals, such as Veles Baca, as well as the now-governor Maru Campos Galván. I proceeded to be persecuted already. accepted it. This judge admitted to receiving pressure from Corral to accuse (and try to imprison) former governor Cesar Duarte of fabricating the crime of being on “secret payroll”.

the revenge De Coral was Chihuahua and nationally renowned, because without evidence he imprisoned businessman and former legislator Alejandro Gutierrez Gutierrez for diverting state resources to the PRI, when that institution was directed by Manlio Fabio Beltrón.

A coral closes over a coral.

Dissection at the Maya Train, Santa Lucia. Of course, Javier May is the only entrance to Sedena to take control of the May train: sources close to confirm that this week the armed forces under the command of Crescencio Sandoval reviewed all work and service contracts for construction. To verify compliance with the execution of works undertaken, appendices and detail of contracts and budgets of this strategic task; For this they are calling on several contractors involved in the facilities at the Santa Lucia airport. And that, in addition to fixing the detailed cost of the work, is to leave a conviction in the form of a curfew: either the execution time is over, or the contract is cancelled.

It will pull more than a train without brakes and going downhill.

ASPA, flu and covidcitos? What must be happening among ASPA pilots from Mexico, led by Humberto Gual, that some are healthier and stronger than others? Grupo Aeroméxico has reported delays and cancellations due to an increase in COVID infections among its employees, but it turns out that Aérovias de México, better known as Aeroméxico, has canceled almost all flights. gives.

Strangely, neither its subsidiary Aeromexico Connect, nor Aromar (directed by Danilo Correa) have had the same effect. Will there be two or three unions within a federation? Does it have anything to do with their working conditions? It’s probably that the youth of Connect and Aromer are more in the job than those who worked with Andrés Conesa.

Three hypotheses come to mind: a) the Connect and Arrowmar pilots took their vitamins at the start of the year and the virus has done what the wind has done to Juarez, b) the Aerovias pilots are being careless or wearing bows. , c) Or it has really been a pure thing of God and the virus has affected some more than others.

Of course, the desirable thing is that the transition goes down and all companies restructure to be 100% on-the-fly.