Yorkshire Tea, Tetley, PG Tips and Twinings: We Reviewed All the Biggest Names in Tea and One Was Better Than the Rest

Everyone across the UK loves a good cup of tea, and with so many brands of the country’s favorite drink, the age-old debate over which tea bag is best has been going on for many years.

Whether you like it milky or strong, or with sugar or sweetener, there’s a cup that’s right somewhere for everyone. Although the four best-selling tea brands in the UK for 2021 have been named as Tetley, PG Tips, Yorkshire Tea and Twinings, it is a debate that is sure to continue for many more to come.

After months of lockdown becoming a new fan of the drink, I decided I would settle the debate for myself this week. Using 200ml of water and a splash of milk in each cup, I’ll review all of the best-selling brands of tea on Tesco’s shelves, as well as a few others that I enjoyed the most.

Here’s what I found out.

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Welsh Brew, Panned Jimreig

Welsh Brew

Where better to start than my home nation of Wales, with a cup of Pan Jimreg, otherwise known as a Welsh Brew.

The brand first began life in 1989, when co-founder Alan Vanden, who began selling tea from the back of his Volvo van, wanted to create a tea that would compliment the wonderful waters of Wales.

After 32 years the company is now serving more than 60 million cups nationwide every year with their popular everyday teas which include African and Indian blends.

Overall this was a decent flavored tea cup with a rich flavor and golden brown color. The tea itself was enjoyable to drink, and while I’ll admit it didn’t blow me away, for a smaller brand it certainly held its own with more established ones, and I’d definitely try it again. I will

Cost: £1.75. 40 bags for

Rating: 3/5

twins per day

0 Yorkshire Tea Tetleys PG Tips and Twinings We reviewed all the main brands of tea and one was hea
Rose Twining

Moving on to the next taste test, I came across Twinings Everyday, the first of the more established brands on the list and a bag that many might consider a bit more premium than others.

Described as a hearty and well-rounded cup that reminds you why you love tea, I began drinking it with high anticipation, though I was a little disappointed at the results.

While it was a nice color with a smooth and drinkable body, as soon as I finished the cup, I couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed at the flavor compared to some of the cheaper brands I’ve tried.

I actually liked it less than the Welsh brew and given the slightly higher price and the hype that surrounded it, added to the lack of flavor, I must say it was overall the worst cup I tried.

Cost: 100 bags for £5.

Rating: 2/5

PG Tips

0 Yorkshire Tea Tetleys PG Tips and Twinings We reviewed all the main brands of tea and one was hea
PG Tips

One of the strongest and tastiest cups tested arrived as PG Tips arrived in a neatly packed box of their 40 bags, smelled lovely, and produced a golden-hued tea, which was inserted separately. Pyramid shaped container.

Taste was equally good with PG Tips, giving off a distinct and well rounded flavor that I could sit and drink happily all day.

Founded in Manchester in 1869 by Arthur Brooke and now recognized as one of the country’s best-selling brands of tea, PG Tips was a joy to drink, and is a bag I’ll happily share with other tea drinkers. I would recommend stocking it with your wardrobe.

Cost: £1.40 . for 40 teabags

Rating 4/5

yorkshire tea

0 Yorkshire Tea Tetleys PG Tips and Twinings We reviewed all the main brands of tea and one was hea
yorkshire tea

One brand that I came highly recommended in its making was the northern powerhouse of Yorkshire tea.

One of the big hitters in the British market it is described as a proper cup of tea known for its good quality and taste, however for me it was an acquired taste which I did not have.

Even though this tea has been a favorite of many of my friends and family members over the years, for me it was one of my least favorite drinks due to the distinctly strong taste that was not to my liking.

Overall this cup had the best visual impression of all the teas I’ve made, with an almost chocolatey color that was very pleasing to the eye, although I found it difficult to rate it due to personal taste.

Cost: £1.60. 40 bags for

Rating: 2.5/5

Tesco Original Tea

0 Yorkshire Tea Tetleys PG Tips and Twinings We reviewed all the main brands of tea and one was hea
Tesco Original Tea

Of all the teas I tasted Tesco Originals, which was one of the biggest surprises for me during this test, and it was one that I was so glad I tried.

The tea itself was incredibly light and rich, with a smooth flavor that was more than competitive with anything else on the shelves. It also produced a pleasant light brown color, and felt like a PG Tips cup I could sit and drink all day.

I actually felt I liked this flavor a bit compared to PG Tips, and coming in at the lowest price with 80 tea bags for £1.10 definitely gave it an added bonus.

In fact, even though I didn’t expect this result because I’d never tried Tesco’s tea before, with a delicious taste and ratio of flavors, for me the Tesco Original was actually my favorite.

Cost: £1.10 . for 80 teabags

Rating: 4.5/5


0 Yorkshire Tea Tetleys PG Tips and Twinings We reviewed all the main brands of tea and one was hea

A strong contender as with any other big hitters like PG Tips, Tesco and Twinings, Tetley’s renowned brand has made for a pleasant drink that far exceeds its popular reputation.

Founded in 1837 by the Tetley brothers, the tea had a strong and rich flavor and offered a delicious color as well as a smooth texture, proving why it held its place at the top of the British tea market for so many years. Is.

For me this was my previous ‘go to’ choice when it came to tea, though I must admit it wasn’t quite as flavorful and punchy as bags from PG Tips and Tesco.

It was still a great drink though and although I think I’ll be transitioning to something else now, I can easily imagine that many people choose Tetley’s as their favorite.

Cost: £1.40 . for 40 teabags

Rating: 3.5/5

Overall, while each tea had its good and bad points, for me my favorite was Tesco Originals due to flavor and cost, followed closely by PG Tips and Tetley.

Which is your favorite cup of tea? Share your views in the comments below.

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