Your January list: What to wear, read, watch and listen to this month

The tree is down, leftovers are finally out and your New Years hangover is just about to subside—yes, it’s officially January 2022.

We know, we know, it’s hard to feel too excited at the prospect of a new year right now. But with a new year comes new beginnings, and there’s so much to look forward to that doesn’t require booking one-way tickets to the Caribbean. Think new book releases to sink your teeth into, new TVs to binge-watch, new fashion collabs to brighten up your winter wardrobe, and just the right amount of gym classes to temporarily book. This, ladies and gentlemen, is your enthusiastic, January this is the list for you to watch. At least until February.

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Sophie Hagen and Dr. Julia Shaw take on Bad People


Looking at the train a few hours away or just filling the silence of the void where the joy of Christmas once lived? Podcasts are your answer. There’s a lot to add to your list in January, with something for everyone. For gossip-hungry literary fans, try Once Upon a Time… at Bennington College, a noirish, nostalgic look at a 1986 Bennington College class – which included Brett Easton Ellis, Jonathan Latham and Donna Tart – and a “The story of promised money, murder, madness and genius”. True crime more your thing? Head of Sophie Hagen and Dr. Julia Shaw bad guys Because they shed light on the most intriguing criminal cases in history. Following the rise and fall of Silicon Valley’s Princess Elizabeth Holmes? drop out There’s an engrossing hearing about pride, hustle, and billion-dollar valuations — and there will be new episodes coming after the trial’s verdict this week. Or if you’re feeling pretty anti-healthy – ’tis the season! – listen again maintenance phase, where journalists Michael Hobbs and Aubrey Gordon debunk the “junk science behind the health and wellness craze.” Yes, please.

class of fiction 2022

If you’ve made it your 2022 mission to cut down on screen time, there’s no shortage of brilliant new imagery to quell the escapist itch left behind by social media. send nudes Saba is a collection of short stories by Sams that are pressed for time (and attention span), all focused on the world of girls and growing up as a woman (fans include Emma Cline and Megan Nolan) ). to live in the realm of the coming age brown girls, the debut novel by Colombia MFA graduate Daphne Palaci Andriades. Set in Queens, New York, it follows a group of young women making their mark. new animal Ella is a dark comic novel by Baxter centered on Amelia, who works in a funeral parlor by day and becomes a sexual adventurer by night. And Candice Carty-Williams fans, rejoice! she is back on the scene Social person, which follows the lifestyle affected Dimple as she comes to grips with her half-siblings.

I’m with the brand

Mindless consumerism is never the answer, but a little New Year’s wardrobe spruce can’t hurt, can it? The Lazy Oof has pulled its usual spirited approach to streetwear with it David Mendez Alonso Collaboration, which has plenty of primary colors and a bang-on-trend bobbed balaclava to keep ears delicious. gucci’s new Rashi Abhiyan Featuring both real-life and embroidered tigers to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.

Splash of color, anyone?

, lazy oaf

Elsewhere in Collab Central, Hollywood’s Darling Timothée Chalamet collaborates with Haider Ackerman To release a hoodie with all proceeds going to Afghanistan Libre, a charity working to protect the rights of women and girls. Fashion with a conscience, really. And if you’re window-shopping for a dose of (virtual) bliss, check out then-time designer Supriya Lele, whose A-list fans include Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid, and whose clothes are on (pretty) right now. have been displayed. The cover of the newly relaunched Vogue India.

small screen sos

McClure and Mercurio come together again


For those of you who have no plans to leave the sofa until March (hello guys!), this one’s for you. January’s TV schedule is looking very busy, with the second season of Euphoria returning on January 10 with a gleam of eyeballs and teenage hedonism. With a bang this month is Cheer (January 12), the hit Netflix documentary that tells everyone “how to do a backflip without prior training,” and After Life (January 14), a Ricky Gervais dark comedy that’s equally hilarious. Is gonna. is sad. If it’s garbage and talking points, you’ll be back on the new season of Too Hot to Handle later this month. And adrenaline junkies looking for a fix for Line of Duty hit the new Jade Mercurio thriller Trigger Point, starring none other than Vicky McClure as a bomb disposal officer. It’s bound to be, ahem, explosive.

new year, new you

hang low in gymbox

, gymbox

The January Seventh-Hell cycle of health kicks and exercise doesn’t have to be so bad. really. New classes will help you finally get your fitness mojo back. third place A new group in Mayfair is launching the WattBike class for those who want the (sweaty) hustle and bustle of road-biking, without having to deal with the elements (a real win). 1 rebel A new reformer is expanding its Oxford Circus flagship with a Pilates class, which promises to “rip up the Pilates rulebook and bring customers a fun and fire-filled session.” Not so keen on said fire? Try Fly Low gymbox, in which you swing from a hammock to the floor in a spontaneous dance routine. Obviously, minimal effort is required, and if you can master it, you’ll definitely have abs of steel. Flying higher? fitt favorite bxr Opening its new Bishopsgate gym in early February, it features a 125-metre-high climbing wall overlooking the London skyline. You’ll be in the Olympics in no time.

memes are living

Realistically, you’ll still spend most of the month scrolling mindlessly, but you can still find joy on your screen. to follow @ordinary people For a daily dose of suburban comedy, with quotes you might hear from a distant uncle or Kirsten in Accounting, pictures overlaid on — you guessed it — normal people. (It’s more fun than it sounds).

If you are a TikToker, you probably know about this account by now, but visit @.sylvanian drama Lying, cheating, and ordering strippers (!) to the soap-opera creations of Sylvanian families is guaranteed to ruin your childhood and provide a laugh or two. And @adenerta Well-known account for pictures of absurd memes and his cat, Puff. follow now.