Yousef Farah reveals who can reach the Grand Final

Yusef Farah’s ouster was one of Exatalon Mexico’s most surprising, as fans of the program envisioned “El León Libénes” in the final of the program.

And although the athlete himself was seen in the final weeks of the competition, he assured that he was happy with his role in the program, as he admitted that his time in the Exatlon was over.

“That day of elimination I brought everything, yes, I had injuries, but I did not lose because of that, you have to know how to accept. I have a really good power shot and I didn’t get hit. I hit a cube three times, it was on the verge of falling, I hit it again, it turned but didn’t fall.

,There I confessed: If my time here is up, you have to learn to be grateful, It was an incredible adventure, the whole process was something magical for me,” he said. Yousef Farah from Exatlón México in an interview with Cause.

On the day of elimination, Antonio Rosic told “El León Libanes” that something was waiting for him in Mexico, after that the cube never fell, every time he hit it and Yousef revealed that there was a reason that demanded his presence in the country.

,As I landed, I realized the loss of a loved one, a very close relative, who had lost his life on the day I was competing.“It means a lot to me to be here with my family”, expressed the athlete.

Why didn’t Yousef Farah use the transferable medals of his fellow Exatalon Mexico?

Yusef Farah was one of the most prominent elements of the Exatlón Mexico Pathfinders, however, when his teammates, Mackie and Kok Guerrero, were asked whether they had awarded him the transferable medal, they said no.

The judoka commented that this was a decision made as a team, as it was not the time to use the medals,

“Koke and Mackie didn’t want to give it to me because it wasn’t the time and we talked about it, it was not the time to give a transferable medal, because that medal could save someone’s life that’s so close to the last and it There was no time. I am neither sad nor angry, ”explained Yousef Farah.

I should have won elimination on my own merits, not medals, and if he had used it with me he would have been saving a friend but letting the other die because we are all on the same team.

Exatlón México. from Yousef Farah

Who is getting ready for the finals of Exatlón México?

Yousef Farah analyzes his partner Exatalon Mexico and reveals who can reach the finals of the event.

He revealed that Coke Guerrero and David Juarez “La Bestia” are the strongest on the Pathfinder side.while on the side The Guardians, Yousef admit Tony Gonzalez will be a finalist After eliminating Heber Gallegos.

on behalf of women, Yusef sees a close competition between Mackie, Marisol and Duggan, Well, “they are customized, competitive and precise women.” In favor of the Reds, Judoka confirmed that only Natalie Gutierrez would make it to the final, as she secured five medals.

Yousef Farah after Exatalon Mexico

, on their departure from Exatlón México, Yousef Farah plans to launch a podcast, Whose name he has not yet revealed, but he estimated that it could premiere in about 15 days.

Podcasts are going to be about people who love to live their lives in a luxurious way; I’ll have all kinds of guests, but people who are authentic and who live their lives to the fullest

Exatlón México. from Yousef Farah

The athlete summarized his plans covering extreme sports, convention and content creation.

Finally, “forLebanese Lion ”His stay in Exatlon was an achievement for him, despite all odds, he recovered from COVID, So the athlete called on people not to take it lightly and asked them to take good care of themselves, as he was about to die of the virus.